The new Bosch Professional BITURBO Drill Driver, Impact Drill Driver, and Impact Wrenches

Absolute control and maximum power: Meet our new BITURBO Brushless drills and drivers. We take our motto “Feel the Extreme” to another level with our new drill driver GSR 18V-150 C, our impact drill driver GSB 18V-150 C, and our impact wrenches GDS 18V-1000 C and GDS 18V-1050 HC. Whatever challenge you face at the workplace, Bosch Professional drills and drivers will not let you down, thanks to the unparalleled power of BITURBO Brushless and the unmatched control you have with the power tools.

Combine the powerful motors with our ProCORE18V batteries with 5.5 Ah and higher, and you have a dream-team at your disposal to get any job done.

More information on the power of Bosch Professional BITURBO Brushless can be found at:

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