Foster FHD 2 26 DRE Rotary Hammer Drill/,26mm hammer drill machine repair/26mm hammer drill/

Title:-Foster FHD 2 26 DRE Rotary Hammer Drill/,26mm hammer drill machine repair/26mm hammer drill/
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function of rotary hammer drill:-
Compared to less advanced power units known as hammer drills, rotary hammers tend to be larger and provide a bigger impact force by utilizing a technology called the “electro-pneumatic” (EP) hammering mechanism, because it is powered directly by electricity instead of a separate air compressor. Rotary hammers have two pistons – a drive piston, and a flying piston. An electric motor turns a crank, which moves the drive piston back and forth in a cylinder. The flying piston is at the other end of the same cylinder. The pistons do not actually touch, but the air pressure in the EP cylinder allows for a much more efficient transfer of hammering energy than springs in the cam-action style hammer drills. The majority of modern rotary hammers as well as all electric-powered chipping guns or jack-hammers all utilize this EP technology. Modern units allow the hammer and rotation functions to be used separately or in combination, i.e., hammer mode, drill mode, or both. When used in the hammer mode, the tool provides a drilling function similar to a jackhammer.[2] Rotary hammer drills have an oil filled gearbox, which allows them to operate durably despite the large forces and shocks they receive and the grit-filled environments where they are often used.

The type of work they do means that they require a “slip-clutch” which engages when the drill bit jams and sufficient torque is put onto the “slip-clutch” mechanism. This stops the violent wrenching motion that a drill without a clutch would cause when stopped suddenly from full speed, protecting the drill from damage. The slip-clutch also protects the operator, but does not always prevent injury. Some manufacturers have introduced additional technology to protect the operator. Hilti has a technology called “ATC” or “Active Torque Control”[3] which works by disengaging the drive from the motor when the tool body begins to rotate excessively through the action of a secondary magnetic clutch in addition to the standard slip-clutch. DeWALT has a related system called “CTC” or “Complete Torque Control”[4] which utilizes a two-position slip-clutch so that the operator can select the lower torque setting for greater safety.
use of rotary hammer drill:-
Rotary hammers can be used for “doweling” (repetitive drilling of large rebar anchor holes), and drilling through-holes in concrete and masonry walls. The hammering action helps break up the masonry so that it can be removed by the drill bit’s flutes. Apart from their main function of drilling concrete, the rotary action can be switched off and use is made of just the percussive force. Chisel and point accessories are used for small chipping jobs.

Worn masonry drill bit
Rotary hammers have such force that the usual masonry bits are no longer adequate. Their smooth shanks would be pounded loose from the tool’s chuck in a few seconds. Rotary hammers require special bits which lock into the rotary hammer and continue spinning while smashing away.
What is a rotary hammer drill used for?
Rotary hammer: A drill that uses rotation and a hammering action that breaks up the concrete as the bit rotates. Rotary hammers are designed for day-in/day-out use. Demolition hammer: Heavy-duty tool designed to chip or break up concrete.
इस आइटम के बारे में
वाट क्षमता: 850 वॉट, ऑपरेटिंग वोल्टेज: 220 वॉल्ट
मटेरियल: प्लास्टिक, कलर: लाल
आइटम आयाम: 450mm x 150mm x 270mm
पैकेज में शामिल: 1-हैमर ड्रिल मशीन, 1-गहराई मापक (गेज, 2-छिद्र, 3-पीस SDS ड्रिल बिट्स और 1-कैरीइंग केस
खरीदारी की दिनांक से निर्माता द्वारा 6 महीने की वारंटी प्रदान की जाती है
ट्रिपल मोड एक्शन
रिवर्स रोटेशन के साथ परिवर्तनीय गति ट्रिगर
वाईब्रेशन नियंत्रण
उच्चतम शक्ति के साथ मजबूत मशीन
हैमर एक्शन, हैमर और प्लेन ड्रिलिंग के साथ प्रभाव

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