Disassembly Dinosaurs S-T-E-M Educational Toy Sets with Safe Cordless Drill

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👩Easy to Assemble: The electric drill is two-way low-speed, it can be rotated to tighten and loosen the screws. It will stop automatically when encountering obstacles, so there is no need to worry about children being injured.

👩Flexible Joints: After the dinosaur is assembled, can move the joints of the head, hands, feet and tail to swing the body, form different fighting poses. It is helpful to cultivate children’s creativity, attention and enable kids to recognize and explore the world of dinosaurs.

👩High-Quality & Safe: This dinosaur toys is made of non-toxic, recyclable ABS plastic, more durable than other plastic materials. With the smooth design of the edges and the processing of the corners, there is no need to worry about children getting scratched during the assembly process.

Pls. Note: Battery for Cordless Drill 2*1.5A=3V (Not included)

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