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Project Description:
This is the 14.4V Power Craft Cordless Drill machine which I have been using for quite a long time and now its battery is completely dead. I searched for the same battery but unfortunately, I didn’t find it. So, I decided to use my engineering skills to use something that can be easily arranged and can be used without putting in a lot of effort. The battery terminals are clearly marked with + and – signs.

The battery charger is just fine as you can see the green light is turned ON. When I plugged in the Drill battery the Red light turns ON and then starts flickering for a few seconds and then completely goes off…anyways I am going to wait for a while and let’s see if this will charge the battery…

I am back after charging my battery for a few minutes. my digital multimeter knob is set at 20volts, now we will measure the battery voltage… You can see the voltage is greater than 12volts, technically it should be greater than 14 volts, but anyways this voltage is also more than enough to power up my drill machine… After charging the battery for minutes all I got is this small movement and now the battery is completely dead… Let’s again check the battery voltage…Oh my God in just a second the battery voltage dropped to 4 point something volts… This means that the battery is completely dead and there is no way I can run this drill machine using this battery.
Now I have three options.

1. I can get the same exact battery. Seriously I searched for it but I couldn’t find it.
2. I can use Lithium-ion batteries. Now, this can be expensive and very time-consuming as I will need to make series and parallel connections, and moreover, I don’t have a spot welding tool. So, I am going to reject this idea. But if you have the time and Spot welding machine then you should go for this.
3. I can use a Lipo Battery to power up my Cordless Drill Machine. Lipo batteries are available in different sizes and they are quite powerful and can be easily arranged.

So, in this video, you are going to learn how to run any drill machine using a Lipo Battery Pack. In the end, I will share with you the final test results. Without any further delay let’s get started…


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