Battery and Charger Conversion (Nicd to Lithium) Compact Cordless Drill | RYOBI BD-120

This is an abandoned item in Japan as it is powered by a Nicd battery system. Most power tools today are powered by lithium battery system. This drill is still working well, expect the dead battery. In this video, I converted Nicd battery to lithium ion battery and also increased the battery capacity. New lithium batteries cannot be charged with the original charger. I also changed Nicd charger to a lithium charger too.

The new battery pack
– 1 BMS 3S40A 12.6V
– 6 Lithium batteries 5C 3.7V 2500mAh
– Voltage 12.6V
– Capacity 5Ah ‚Äč

*Note this model cannot run with BMS 3S20A

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